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How Reliv helped my family and I. In the past I couidn't lift my arms above my head without some discomfort, plus I had other health issues up until the time I started drinking Reliv shakes.

Before Reliv my brother was very weak and could only look at his car from a wheelchair after his chemo and or radiation treatments. After 2 to 3 months of taking Reliv products he was not only able to wash his car, but drive it again as well.

Months after I shared Reliv products with my daughter for my 8 year old grandson (who has mental issues) 
my daughter told me he spoke his first words, and boy what a blessing that was to hear. She said right out of the blue he said, "Flat Tire!" It just so happened they had two flat tires the previous week. These experiences have deepned my trust in the effectiveness of Reliv products. Not only that, but this company has been around for 30+ years, which shows we're doing something right. So why not give it a try!